Our Difference

£££ Low Course Fees

Our selected job-ready courses are combined with our Job Connect scheme. That means you pay a very low course fee as we recover additional funding from employers.


Where are we located? Wherever you are! Central London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester, Nottingham, Plymouth, and 10 more locations.

Flexible Learning

At Career Ace we don’t make you jump through hoops to achieve your qualification. You choose what you study, when you start and a timetable that suits your lifestyle.

Job Connect

Our Job Connect programme combines the assistance of our Career Ace Reruitment team with valuable career support to give you the full job-ready package.

Steps To Success

Career Ace may be the only step that you need to take to launch your successful career or it may just be the first step in your professional learning journey.


Structured learning support is available to every Career Ace student, including free tutor led workshops.

Industry experts

We employ experienced, highly respected trainers each with current industry skills - they bring this knowledge into your learning.

Our students love us!

94% of surveyed students said the training provided by Career Ace was relevant to the job and significantly increased their employment outcome.

Our message is simple

Start your journey, change your
world – yes you can.

Employment Pathway

For many, Career Ace is the only step they need to take to launch their successful career. For others, it’s just the first step. At Career Ace we have developed a unique model to help our students succeed throughout their course and beyond. From learning systems and dedicated learning coaches, to our Job Connect Program and further learning pathways, we will support you and help you launch your career!


ACE 2 ACE Award win 2016

Learning Support

As a Career Ace student, you’ll get given a fully comprehensive Study Pack. Your Study Pack contains all of your course needs along with a huge range of additional learning resources. Our learning models and Study Packs are monitored by our dedicated learning coaches who work to improve student support and continuously refining and update our methods.

Learning Model

We are passionate about how people learn and design our courses to be highly interactive, stimulating and above all enjoyable. We deliberately combine many different approaches to learning to vary the pace and energy, providing opportunities to test and practice, before going into the workplace to apply the learning.


Job Connect

The Job Connect Team provide a tailored approach to finding students employment in an industry that best suits their needs. With hundreds of local, national and international employers available to us across the country we are able to help students find the ideal employment outcome.

The Job Connect Team not only provide a solid foundation of job preparation training to our students they work closely with students to match them to employers and can get the ball rolling by searching for specific positions to suit your new skills.

Inspiring Progress

The whole experience of taking a Career Ace course is designed to make you feel valued and inspired. Our job-ready courses are designed to focus on your individual development needs. The process of understanding your specific career objectives begins prior to attending the course and extends throughout.


University Pathways

Career Ace may be the only step that you need to take to launch your successful career or it may just be the first step in your learning journey.

If you want to further your educationy, Career Ace could be just the path for you. Career Ace has access to many of UK's leading universities meaning that you may already have a direct gateway with recognised credits towards your university degree when you have completed your diploma. Most Career Ace qualifications have a variety articulation options available.

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Key facts to know about industries we are partnered with:
The IT sector currently provides training courses for 9 out of 10 occupations predicted to have the greatest growth of new jobs over the next five years.
Accounting services and banking sectors now employ approximately 12 percent of the total UK workforce, and are growing expediently.
1 in 4 new jobs are projected to be created in the financial services/accounting industry between 2013 and 2020.
The number of people aged over 65 with a 2nd property in the UK is expected to reach 4.1 million by 2051.
In IT networking there were 350,000 workers in 2012, this will need to increase to 1.3 million by 2050 to meet expected demand.
IT Career Ace graduates have a higher employment rate than undergraduates. More than 98% of our IT graduates are employed after training.
IT Career Ace graduates earn wages comparable to, if not exceeding, that of university graduates.