Frequently Asked Questions


At Career Ace we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to progress their career regardless of past experience, as a result learners are not required to have any previous experience to take part in any of the courses we provide.

Distance learning and classroom learning courses have their own individual advantages, as a result at Career Ace we have taken the advantages of each and combined them into what is known as blended learning. Our unique blended learning courses combines a comprehensive course Study Pack with free classroom revision workshop days where applicable.

Unlike regular traditional learning institutions, blended learning has no term dates and is designed to be completely flexible for each student. You can choose when you wish to start your course and can study at your own pace.

  • Our specialist team regularly monitor the job market and carefully fine-tune the courses we offer to match the industry areas with the highest levels of job vacancies.
  • With hundreds of local, national and international employers available to us across the country through our employer network we are able to help students find the ideal employment outcome.
  • Our Job Connect Team not only provide a solid foundation of job preparation training to our students they work closely with students to match them to employers and can get the ball rolling by searching for specific positions to suit their new skills.


The course operates through a study pack and access to tutor support. Once you have chosen your course we will send you your study pack, which you will be required to work through before attending free revision workshops if so desired or applicable for your course. Depending on the course you have chosen, you may be required to sit an end exam. The end exam could be in the form of multiple choice questions, or be an invigilated exam at a registered test centre. These requirements will always be listed on the course description page, so please refer to this for details of what is required for each individual course.

The cost is largely dependent on the size of the course. The longer the course is the higher the cost will be, due to the size of the study pack and the nature of the qualification. All prices are clearly stated on the course description page and will always be displayed prior to you committing to purchase a course. Please note that postage and packaging is free for all courses.



You will typically receive your course materials within 5 working days of purchase, but for many courses we would anticipate that you will have to wait no more than 72 hours. The course materials are always sent to you via a tracked courier service, to ensure that you receive your study pack within our stated period.

Depending on the course you have chosen, and the amount of time you can commit, it could take from four weeks to complete your course. The duration of the course is largely down to you though. The beauty of home blended learning is that it allows you complete flexibility to fit your studies around your lifestyle and other commitments. You can dedicate as much, or as little, time as you want to your studies - no one will be chasing you for your work or asking why you haven’t submitted an assignment. We do strongly recommend committing the necessary time to completing the course in a timeframe that will not leave you losing your motivation.

We do all we can such as utilising technology and employer contributions etc to reduce our operating costs, then pass those savings on to our students.

All of our courses are accredited, so you need to show that you have acquired the knowledge to pass the course – this may involve sitting an examination, but it depends on the course you have chosen. You will need to organise the examination yourself, however full details of what you need to do will be included in your study pack. The details of what sort of exam is required for a course will be stated on the course description page, so please check these for full details.



Yes, there are no geographical limits to where you can study. You just need to be aware that all tutors are based in the UK, although in most cases support will be via e-mail so should not affect non UK students. Where the course requires that you sit an invigilated exam at a test centre, there are many exam centres outside of the UK.

All of our courses are accredited and you will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. The details will be stated on the course description page, so please check these for full details.