Thinking of hiring entry level staff?
We have got your covered.

We are a specialist recruitment agency with many years in Property, IT and Finance and a unique business model that sets us apart from the crowd. Our company group provides us with exclusive access to a skilled pool of candidates that we have personally sourced, trained and built lasting relationships with.

The overall result is access to an unrivalled selection of high quality, motivated candidates for our clients specific recruitment needs.

Here are 3 reasons 77% of our client work is repeat business:


Our unique business model provides us with exclusive access to an industry qualified pool of candidates.


Our clients enjoy a low fixed fee price model, saving them £1000s over traditional recruitment.


Our clients benefit from a 1 year replacement guarantee on all entry level hires, with further extensions available.

The entry level recruitment specialist

Through our distinctive business model, we have the capability and experience to scope out the talent that is precise to our client’s needs in their search for the candidate.

Being both a training and recruitment company provides us with an exclusive pool of talent ranging from entry level to graduates, some of who we have worked with for years, and come to us when looking for new opportunities or career changes before going out into the job market.

The relationships we have been building since 2015 has allowed us to achieve a network that other recruiters would be proud to claim as their own, if they could. The overall effect is access to an unparalleled selection of high quality, motivated candidates for our clients and their contract or entry-Level positions.

Looking to hire?

With an exclusive network of candidates and unique recruitment strategy we pride ourselves on uncovering those hidden stars that can’t be found or are regularly overlooked on job boards. 

From entry level to senior permanent and contract positions, we have the ability to find your amazing candidate.


Looking for opportunities?

Becoming a success in a professional industry is about much more than just technical skills. Employers are looking for candidates who are confident and have strong soft skills including communication, team working, and problem solving.

Our teams work with hundreds of brilliant companies looking to snap up the top talent. From small start-ups to huge corporations, we’ll help you find the best employment opportunity for you.

Looking for your next challenge? Or simply want to land your first entry level role. Our team can help find that role you’re striving for and provide support to achieve your career goals, from day one, we will be hands on to support you and your career.

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